Dror Poleg

I was born in Israel, went to kindergarten in Paris, attended university in Melbourne, completed my postgraduate studies in London, and took some advanced training in Singapore in between. I am based in Beijing, and spend most of my time evaluating investment opportunities across China and the region. The name Dror rhymes with "door" and is pronounced a bit like "drawer", with a slight rumble on the first "r". It is an old Hebrew word for freedom.

For more information about my work, please visit my LinkedIn profile. My photography work can be found here. You might also be interested BuyBuyChina.com, a web site about Chinese retail and branding.

This site has been online since the mid-1990s; its latest reincarnation was launched in 2009. The best way to contact me is via email: dror [at] poleg.net. 

Note: The views and observations expressed on this web site are published for the sake of public discussion and do not represent my personal opinion or the opinion of my companies, clients, and/or employers. If you would like to get my opinion on anything, ask me.

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